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Do you know how to produce your own custom exercise books ?
Aug 21 , 2019

Many customers who want to custom their own exercise books , with different cover , inner printing , pages , styles etc . So what is the production process of custom exercise book ? As a professional manufacturer of exercise books , we are so glad to explain the whole production process of exercise book .

The most common binding for exercise books are staple bindig , also call saddle stitch . The pages from 16 pages to 200 pages can be done this binding type . More than 200 pages exercise book adpot gule binding .

First of all , all the details , designs and money of exercise books order are agreed . Then the mass production can be arranged further . First step of mass production is confirm the inner paper grade (A B C grade ) and cover material, then we will purchase paper material from the supplier of raw paper material . Meanwhile , let’s check the design file , our designers will check your design if OK to print , the size , the resolution of cover , color , etc ... The design file format is AI format better . If your design is okay , we will do next step . If not ok , our desingers can design as request .

And then we will make printing plate for cover and inner paper . When the preparation work ready , the order of exercise books will be put on prodution line . How the exercise books going on production line :

Step 1: We put the roll paper in reel paper stand ,

Step 2: When the machine running , the roll paper after rotary to print and rule ( we call this step inner paper printing )

Step 3: The print inner paper will be slitted and count the inner pages

Step 4: The cover are transfered by high speed cover feeder and binded with inner paper by staples .

Step 5 : The binded paper and cover are folded and spine pressed , then cut and trimmed into book .

Step 6 : Collecting exercise books and packing

Remark :  one 20’ft container exercise books can be produced within 2 days if order on production line .

Also if the cover need to be with special surface finish like UV vanish , lamination , round corner etc , it will be done after printing .There is QC inspection after every production process , also will check further after packing before delivery .

Have you clear the production process of the custom exercises books from this article ? For more information you want to know , just feel free to contact us at any time !

Thank you for your visit ! This is Julia from Hefei Colorfly Stationery Co.,Ltd . Tel : +8615375330941

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